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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Well I goofed again. Not enough caution in what supplements I take...I do have it down to a couple, well-researched by me, supplements now and won't be adding any anytime soon....

I thought I was wise in using cumin as an anti-inflammatory, joint help addition to my diet. I was taking two caps a day one in the morning and one in the evening....

The doc had asked if I took any kind of blood thinner and I had stopped the 81mg aspirin I was taking, so I told him no.

Something finally niggled my hind-brain enough to get my attention though and I did some research on cumin...yikes! WebMD says to not take it if you have any kind of blood issue....who knew? "Ask your healthcare provider" is something that just doesn't ring a bell for me as none of my medical community that Medicare or my excellent insurance covers will tell me much at all about supplements since there is no federal oversight nor any real  research done in the US available for most of them.

So to make a long story shorter, by taking the cumin supplement I was exacerbating my bladder bleeding issue.

This is reminiscent of when my first urologist in Boise, ID asked me to please run anything "supplemental" that I was taking by her since there are elements that actually will mask the markers for the cancer I have and make me think the cancer is "cured" when in fact it isn't and it will grow unchecked.


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