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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

For some reason I don't understand, my blog page no longer has the little strip across the top that lets me go to the places where I can make a post, do housekeeping with the blog, etc....frustrating and it must be something I did since it still appears on my other computer, the nettie. Weird but not unusual since my computer literacy is at the level I usually can get into trouble but not get out without help. I would have said that it is at  third grade level but in this day and age third graders may well be way beyond me....LOL

So today I will enjoy immensely since my wife and mom-in-law and good friend Jim C are here and I can just hang out...after the morning Men's 11th step meeting I so enjoy, we will all head down to the Arrey café for breakfast and a blast of New Mexico's finest red chile and then Mom will be filling the house with her pie baking smells...egads, heaven on earth....apples from Kit's tree in Durango made into Mom's pies!!!!!

With the really moderate weather now the mineral bath is getting a workout these days...I take one nearly daily and Jim has and now Kit.....Moms prefers cooler water so too bad for her.

Jim has bought the canned ham trailer and now has his own southern home in our yard! He has been a great and close friend for nearly 30 years and I love it when he comes to be here with us. We have traveled a bunch of the world together with him and he bought the land next to us in Alaska and lived there until we sold out and headed south. Ordinarily these days he is in Alaska or in Hawaii when not traveling. A great friend indeed.....

So that's it for now, I am trying to get comfy with posting more often and if it is trivial and mundane (as a friend likes to say...filled with minutiae)...sorry but that is my life many days...trivial and mundane, but the job is to stay present in it and if you like to beans...if not, I trust you will give it a skip...

Hugs to all...
MWB with two less wheels...


  1. I'll take "trivial and mundane" over so many of the other available options!

    On the other hand, good times with family, is anything but trivial and/or mundane! Enjoy!

  2. Thanks my sister....and I hope your holiday is abundant and the thanks you give resonates through the universe....
    We just had a rowdy game of Balderdash and laughed so hard I nearly choked...good juju.
    Great home-made pork tamales and salad for dinner...(tamales from a local lad who is new to the fellowship and makes awesome tamales to help with the family income)


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