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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving....stop, look and be grateful!

I wonder why people who talk non-stop and completely monopolize the rap, invariably say, "Oh I love to travel and meet people and learn about them!!! LOL! Amazing!

I am getting ready for a houseful of folks over the Thanksgiving holiday. I just got a call from friend Jim from AK/HI that he is on schedule for the morning picking up in Las Cruces.... Kit and her mom will be down Tuesday and then a bunch for dinner on Thursday...

Excellent....very big fun coming up!

I'll say it now so I don't have to remember: I hope your holiday is one that you can be grateful for. I know mine is, as well as my amazing life on this



  1. Because we mean well ... I always amaze myself when I try to engage in conversation with new people.

    Being out of line is something I shudder about afterwards. I apologized - totally inappropriate in someone's home to be controversial.

    I love to talk about lots of subjects and I do ask people about themselves. I'm curious to know them. I ask a lot of questions. Some are more forthcoming than others.

    When you suffer from hoof'n'mouth disease ... it's difficult. One of the most amazing things to me... people are so tolerant of the misfits in the world except those of us who don't know when to be quiet. We are misfits too... but I persevere and sometimes I luck out with meeting people who understand... and

    I love to meet people who will talk back and engage. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't. ;)

    One of the hardest things for a personality like mine is to learn to shut the hell up... it's hard. I'm old. I just read a great quote off a new blog... it helps with someone like me.

    "If you’re tired and the road seems long…
    If you feel that you were wrong,
    Do not be lead by the days and the times, begins anew.
    If life seems too preposterous,
    If you’re disappointed with too many things to too many people,
    Don’t try to understand why, start again.
    If you’ve tried to love and be useful,
    If you knew the poverty of your limit,
    Don’t let there a commitment fulfilled in half again.
    If others look at you with reproach,
    If you are disappointed, irritated,
    Do not provoke, not ask them anything, it restarts.
    Because the tree sprouts again forgetting winter,
    The branch blooms without asking why,
    And the bird makes its nest without thinking to autumn
    Because Life is hope and always begins anew."
    ~ Author Unknown ~

    ... I even make a comment too long... well?

    Happy Thanksgiving ;)

  2. Hi Carolyn....I was only partly referring to you and you are certainly not the only happens an amazing amount and often I am the one doing the rap!
    It just happened the other day when I was having a conversation at a restaurant with a man who was wanting to talk about some personal issues. It was a friend of his....she plunked down and we found out all about her day until I had to leave to take care of other business....I guess she just needed to talk...and he never had a chance....
    I take it as a lesson for me, I am a motormouth and need the reminder to take turns talking and then an actual conversation takes place....a give and take....
    It was good to meet you though and your blog is on my blog roll....happy trails....


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