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Monday, November 12, 2012 just a click away...

I quit the last forum I was on and the relief is palpable!

I finally realized I was way too attached to what was said, and my role in it all....

Pesky EGO!

I feel much more present and able to be here for the people in my F2F life. Amazing how distractions can seem so important when what is really important is in being here now.

Nothing that profound but it needed doing....and I am here!

I am getting ready for having some family...especially my bride...and friends here in TorC for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...not because of some early pilgrim drama but because I love it when gratitude is talked about so much and I can break bread with those close to me. 

Some of my Amerind friends hate it and I don't really blame them, but all that very real and terrible history aside, I do like the harvest festival/thanks-for-my-life-and-all-in-it....event...

Also readying the van for some vanliving this winter, maybe Mexico, maybe not...but some nice desert camping and traveling.

Nothing promised but I will make the effort to keep up my blog...I am so inspired by some of the bloggers that I follow....George & Tioga who posts every day...Glenn with To Simplify who is also a daily blogger...

I try to remain apolitical on here but I think I can say that I am greatly relieved to have the political season over with and my president is back to being a president and not a politician...I hope he keeps his head on straight and continues to do right by the 99% and not so much the 1%.

Blessings to all and a very good and healthy holiday to you....



  1. You know, Bri, I will miss your level-headed, comedic and balanced input on the forum. We'll remain close, which ever way.

    Enjoy your family!

  2. Thanks Cyndi, much appreciated. I will probably stop by the RTR at least long enough to say hi to you...maybe longer but I am going to steer clear of the least for now.
    Yes, I hope we remain are a good friend and fellow traveler of the path...
    And thanks for the nice wishes on enjoying the family....I will....

  3. I really miss your insight and opinions on the forum but I can understand your reasons for leaving. I hope that we will run into you somewhere down the road. :-)

  4. Thanks karen and Tony and who knows we may pass each other somewhere and have a camp. If you are ever in the Truth or Consequences area or for that matter, southern New Mexico anywhere, let me know and perhaps we can meet up.
    Thanks for the nice thoughts and you are certainly among those I will miss from the forum. I do still look at the new posts, but if I remain not logged in I don't have to get embroiled....
    I like myself better when I don'
    Cheers and happy trails to you two....


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