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Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh man, I don't like the feeling of not having my van in the yard...she's back now and fixed but whoa....weird!

Part of it is not having the van itself, but a lot of my personal stuff resides in her and when she is not handy, neither is my stuff...

I had my sidecar rig and my tiddler and bicycle so I was not going to be immobile but I feel like my van is a part of me.

That is why I take such good care of her, she is faithful and dependable but I need to do my part of keeping her in good running shape....

Happy traveling...



  1. FINALLY! The inside renovations have begun on the moho. They were going to be done in my driveway but that plan has changed and she is down the road a few miles. It gives me an uneasy feeling not to see her out there. I can sooooooo relate!

    I may not get to Q until the 9th or 10. Hoping for earlier, though. I'll keep you posted!

  2.! Best wishes on having it turn out just how you want! Yeah, I bet it gives you an uneasy will be worth it though.
    I am going to pharte around in the desert for a while,,,,I will meet Paul somewhere and I love Death Valley and environs so that will be fun....I always like to go to Why, AZ to hang with a friend there and I actually may be meeting up with Jon and another guy there in Why for a while...probably will go hang in Organ Pipe too.
    By then the RTR should have started and I will swing by to say hi to whoever is there....
    I then hope to head south, nothing definite but kinda, sorta plan to.
    I have another step up coming soon for my cancer treatment so it will depend on how I feel from that I spoze....

    See you soon and happy Gratitude Day....
    Pets to Stumpy and hugs to you...


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