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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just sittin'....

Getting all the little life things taken care of....connecting with friends and family, vehicle maintenance issues..Will I have AC in my rig? Monday will tell. My new thermo-cooker is coming via USPS. A better way of eating lies just ahead....Kit's meals are oh, so good but my eating on the road is pretty interesting to say the least....half good, half bad...and lots of sugar in the middle....
That was Zen, this is Tao....
Brian ManyWheels


  1. thermo cooker? is that a thermos? i just ordered a wide mouth thermos food jar to cook in. whatcha gonna cook?

  2. I can relate to your dietary habits after my trip! Explain more re: thermo-cooker. I bought a Cobb Cooker. Interesting story re: it's development. Originally it was ceramic, used dried corn cobs and was designed for sub Sahara Africa poor. Worked great. Right size for one or two people. Six to seven large charcoal brickettes would heat that little puppy for about three hours! Cooked a turkey on it one Thanksgiving outside Roswell. Did lots of veggies and kabobs, stuffed peppers, etc. It's even a steamer! If you want to try it out let me know when you hit NC and I'll bring it along and demo it. You like it, it's yours.

  3. Hi Bill....I will email you the link for thermal cookers. I am quite interested in the cobb cooker.
    Thank you for the offer...lessee what it is like


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