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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OK, eastern seaboard, here I come....

Tonite in Cody, WY...left Missoula Tuesday and slept in a nice little free camp at 6300 feet last night near Ennis, MT....I used my CPAP machine...don't always do that when alone in the rig and a few minutes of O2 before sleeping and after waking up for good measure. I felt and feel pretty good although slept fitfully. Tonight at 5000 feet and this should be better...

Yikes and wowser, Yellowstone is one visited park. The traffic was amazing. I was in a traffic jam that must have been 80 rigs long and took 15 minutes to get to where the holdup eagle on a stump across the river...I just had to laugh. When Kit and I worked in Denali Park it was the moose...and they were called moose-jams.

Had a nice visit with a long time friend from Alaska and her husband in Helena . Again...right to the spiritual nut. I just love that...

We talked about how much the same everyone is when you can overlook the outside, the facade.
How much we want and need the same basic things yet the language is tangled up with ego and all the attendant stuff: anger, frustration, fear and ego....or just a different perspective...
Doug, our friends's husband once told me, that sometimes he will try to see how long he can keep someone talking by just asking them questions...what a great way to learn about someone... was your day? 8^)


  1. I am reliving my trip vicariously through your adventure Brian. We've been having a spat of seasonal thunderstorms every afternoon here in eastern NC resulting in a few intermittent power outages.

    The Yellowstone traffic jam I ran into was due to a bear sitting a few feet off the road minding his own business! Too many people doing what I was doing. I guess my moment of Zen was when I noticed I was complaining about all the crowds then realized I are the crowd! Your friend in Alaska sounds interesting. Drive safe.

  2. Thanks Bill...yep it is good...I had a Zen moment there also but it was more along the lines of quitcherbitchen! you are alive, here, it is gorgeous and the car runs the classical music on the stereo helped..(grin)


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