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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wow, what a country we live in! I am tonight in an I-5 rest area called the Gee River Safety Rest Area in Washington State about 12 miles north of Vancouver, WA. Much nicer than the Walmart lot I spent two of the last three nights in and the cost is the same. Zilch. Thanks to the Interstate Highway system and the various states, the rest areas make a nice home for a night. Every night I sleep for free, I think "hm...another $21 for fuel, ha!" $21 being the most I saw a state park charge on this trip. I refused to pay that much to park and sleep.
I have had a great week or so with my sons, Jed and Isaac and Isaac's family. Also have enjoyed some excellent scenery. Had a short but nice visit and lunch with a long time friend and shipmate of Mine, Ted G. in Edmonds, WA as well. It was way too long since the last visit.
Met a nice couple in Kingston, WA while parked for a rest in the marina lot...part time vandwellers and boat dwellers. Very nice folks and they may pop into the Vandweller site at some point....they took the addy so they could.
So...I am tired and sleepy and will post more later...I am so grateful for my life today and appreciate the awesome circumstances that meshed to allow me to be here now...


  1. oh, brian, i am so happy for you! i love to hear your experiences. do you have a time frame when you expect to be on the east coast?

  2. Hi Kate....Good to hear from you! My very rough plan will be to leave here sometime toward the middle of August and be back in TorC by November when I have the next doc appt. help, huh?
    I don't want to plan more than a stop or two ahead so I can stay as long or as little as feels right and take whatever opportunities that arise. You know what I mean, I know.

  3. We sure enjoyed you! It is good to spend some time chatting and breaking bread together. I hope that we have many more occasions to see you parked out front of the house. Milo talks about you a lot and the girls love having you here. Come back soon and often!
    Isaac, Tina, and the clan

  4. HI Isaac...I had a hugely fine time myself. Thank you for your always kind and loving hospitality.
    I hope to spend more time next trip up with you and the kiddos.


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