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Monday, August 31, 2009

BWCA Country and fine, fine, lakes....

I have been camping with a friend, Doug Harris, the campground host at Birch Lake Campground on, yep...Birch Lake near Ely, MN. He is here every summer and the lake could not be better for kayaking and canoing. Lots of Walleye and Crappie to be caught and a peaceful beautiful place.
Doug is a guide for a dogsled tour company here in the winter and I will link to that when I have the info at hand....
I will head out tomorrow and first go back to Duluth and Dean's camp for some brake work I need to do and then head out across the bottom of Lake Superior and up to Sault Ste. Marie and cross into Canada for a ways, crossing back into the States in Toronto....Buffalo, NY. for my next visit with Jon near Ithaca.
Once I get near Canada I will shut my phone off and rely on wifi at coffee shops and libraries for contact....
Be well all,


  1. Hey, your not far off from where I grew up and went to HS and whatnot! I graduated from Bigfork High School and spent my teenage years growing up at our resort on Turtle Lake in Itaska County. I do love Northern MN! If you get near Floodwood and want to stay the night by the St Louis river, my Mom would certainly give you a good meal and a place to park. Call me if your interested and I will tell you how to get there and warn her :) She is easily as entertaining as my Dad :)


  2. Hi Mike...I would love to but need to be turning a couple of miles along the eastern way now. I plan to be in Duluth tonite and leave tomorrow to drive along the south shore of Superior..
    Thank you though and I love it up here...I will be back to camp and fish and have my friend take me on a canoe trip in the boundary waters....
    Be well,

  3. My personal recommendation is a small lake called Thistledew. Absolutely untampered, no development.Only had about 6 campsites as I recalled. Caught a nice little bass along the shore! But it sounds like you'll be way north by tomorrow.
    Here's the link back into Google maps.,+Itasca,+Minnesota+55723&ie=UTF8&hl=en&cd=1&geocode=Few12QIdbS5x-g&split=0&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=23.875,57.630033&ll=47.791247,-93.245773&spn=0.121555,0.220757&z=12

  4. Thanks Bill, My rule so far is no going backwards...I don't really have the time in the bigger picture..I wanted to go to the Rollag Threshrman's rally this coming weekend but it would mean backtracking all the way across the state...oh well, have to leave some seed for the future...


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