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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oregon Coastal night....

Dina the doggo and I are parked in a wayside pullout on the coast highway just south of Waldport as we found the state campgrounds all full. Great, we have a choice spot and overlook a beautiful stretch of beach and hope to pass the night quietly and not be disturbed by the babylon.

It is misting rain and I am saddened by the news that our buddy, Sadie Dog, furkid of Heidi and Mike in Port Angeles has passed. Her kidney problem got the best of the sweet girl and took her after a week of seemingly good progress...what a bummer for Heidi and Mike.

Nice visit yesterday and last night in Corvallis with an old friend that I have known for 40 years .
Another long time mutual friend who lives in Juneau dropped in also and we had a great time visiting.

It looks like it is not a good time to visit with a Vandweller, Gene in Bandon so it will wait for another time...

I so love how most of my conversations with the friends in my life these least the ones my age, revolves around the spiritual.

It is a very good time of life for me as I have the time and good fortune to pay attention to these things.

Be well and good travels,


  1. oh, brian! i didn't know about sadie! i am so sad for mike and heidi and bill....i'll have to call them.

  2. Thank you for thinking about our sweet Sadie. We miss her very much. :( Give Dina a tummy rub from us. I am so glad you have her to take care of you and keep you out of trouble. ;)

  3. I had been looking at property listings for Waldport... seeing the pic of the coast just makes me wish I had gotten in gear early enough this year to make it up there.. shooting for next summer now. :) still to much to see here in AZ, and much cheaper for gas..

  4. OH well, next year is good. I hope to be riding the PNW on my sidecar rig next summer if all is well. I missed several sidecar rallies I wanted to attend and will do it next summer.
    Arizona is definitely a great place to be.
    Be well.


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Me and my buddy
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