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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Things are looking up. I got the starter yesterday and after an afternoon of two of us working on it we got it in...hmmm, to whom did I say it would only take 15 minutes?  Hah!  We had to swap noses on the starter and sprocket with the old one and it finally matched up and became part of the engine.

I have run two heat cycles so far, one more and I will re-torque head bolts and mount the sidecar....

All is well in my little world and we may even leave this afternoon or wait until the morrow.....

Ride fast and take lots of chances....ride like a knob and you'll die!



  1. Yippeeeee! Happy and safe trails, Bri!

  2. Yipeee yia yeahhh! Good to see you back in the saddle again.

  3. Thank you ladies....Be sure to stay with me on the trip.....

    I hope I can figure out my little Ubuntu loaded lappie enough to post pics....


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Me and my buddy
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