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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, this is frustrating!

Today Jon and I drove to Puerto Penasco for the day and some fish and camaron tacos and are back in Steve and Sue's camp for the night....tomorrow we head back to TorC in his van and I will retrieve the Chinookie...trusty beast that she is....and the trailer and come back to Why to load my rig.I need to re-install a head gasket on the port side and that is the next chore....and I may do it in Why and still ride to Mexico or haul it home to do the work.

Wow, this has been a roller coaster ride for me. It sure felt good in Mexico and there seems to be a steady stream of RVs and cars and trucks heading south now so businesses seem more lively and open these days...

We only passed through one Mexican Marine checkpoint on the way back and were waved right through. They do look ominous with their black masks and camo BDU's,  flak jackets and auto weapons but they are the front lines of the drug war.

I am a little fatigued emotionally due to the mechanical troubles but really do feel grateful that they happened here where it is much easier to deal with them. Especially that my patient friend Jon B. has been right there with help and encouragement. There have been some fun times along the way and now we will take a respite and I won't be posting until I am more resolved as to what and where I will be going or even if I will be going at all.

Hugs to all and thanks for your sticking with me and you good thoughts and prayers...



  1. ARGH! I can relate to your frustration.

    When the time is right, and only then. Something tells me this trip is going to be well worth the effort!

  2. Hey Brian,
    We are camped on Darby Wells Rd. Ajo,
    if you do the "job" in Why, mabe we could slip down for a quick hello....
    Glad you had a brief respite in Mexico..


  3. Hi Cyndi and Stumpy! Thanks for the comments....More later as it gets revealed to me....

    Bayfielders....I am sorry, I would love to meet you but am trailering my rig back to NM tomorrow....maybe later if you send me your email
    mine is baknm @ and take out the spaces....


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