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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well this morning I left a couple of internet groups I had belonged to for quite a while and had become an important part of my internet presence.  I don't need to go into a long explanation but suffice to say they no longer serve the purpose they did for me when I joined them.

That said, I made a lot of friends on them, I will miss many of them greatly and will certainly keep in touch with any of those that want to stay connected...through blogs and emails.

My interests have changed more from van living to the moto end of the spectrum and I will be using my van for incidental trips but intend to ride as much as I can until I can't....

Anyway, anyone who is reading my blog and is a member of either of those  groups will know I haven't disappeared but will be riding a different direction.

Happy trails,


  1. Hi there Bri!
    I understand, believe me! I wish you & Dina Dog a lot of fun, & we'll be watching on here for updates!
    *Many*Happy*Trails* my good friend!

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks much my good friend and I am ever grateful for the thankless job you do on the Vandwellers group.

    May your roads be smooth and the wind at you back....


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