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Thursday, November 17, 2011

On the road.....

Well, sort of....after a nice breakfast in Arrey with 4 men from my morning meditation group we headed for Hatch to Napa to see if they had a seal that had developed a is minor since it is on the shift lever and relatively easy to get to but it is blowing oil on my exhaust and leaving a mosquito killing fog behind when I ride over about 50 mph...below that it is ok....

Anyway, we decided to camp in Columbus, NM at the Pancho Villa State Campground to wait until Friday when the seal will arrive in the seal store in Las Cruces....a minor setback and one that caused us to travel on Hwy. 28 from Las Cruces to Santa Theresa on the old highway aqnd through some of the prettiest country ever....through miles of pecan  orchards and little Mexican towns...very sweet ride.

The bad thing is that we are still at 4,000 feet elevation and it is way too cold for my taste and camping....only two more nights though and we will head for lower country....

Again I will say,,, that I am very blessed to be having these things happen in the US. I guess a guy who thought straight wouldn't head for Mexico on a nearly 30 year old bike that has many, many miles on it.,...but no one ever accused me of thinking straight....

Stay well and do an adventure before it's too late and remember if you know what's going to happen it isn't an adventure....



  1. stay safe on your adventure hope our paths will cross one day

  2. but no one ever accused me of thinking straight....

    If you were thinking sraight, you would be supporting a life in a sticks and bricks instead of bringing us your adventures and pictures. My thanks to your crooked thinking!
    Dragonfly at


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