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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tomorrow, Mexico.....

Jon and I are staying at Steve and Sue's camp in Why, AZ for a couple nights and are ready to roll tomorrow I believe.

Lots of excitement for me...
As it turned out, the part I needed was located at Cochise Motorsports in Sierra Vista, AZ which was right on our way to Why....

Jon's miraculous fix of the old beat up seal, valve packing, teflon tape, foam rubber and a piece of plastic coffee can lid plus lots of Permatex held beautifully and the new seal goes in today before my left boot weighs any more from all the oil it is soaked with,.,..

We headed west from Columbus, NM and south to Douglas, AZ and through Bisbee and to Sierra Vista getting there about 4 to Patagonia Lake State Campground just north and east of Nogales for the night. Expensive but nice campground near the lake and excellent, hot showers.

Next day to Why via 289 which turns into a graded, narrow, very windy  gravel road through Coronado National Forest just a few miles north of the Mexico border. Incredibly beautiful mountain scenery with a lot of Border Patrol activity and the ubiquitous signs that keep people afraid..."Smuggling and illegal activities in the area!"  Not sure I would want to camp there but if I did, I would probably stick close to the Border Patrol camp about halfway through. we had no problems but I did rename the road "James Bond Road" you know, "Shaken, not stirred!" as it had a lot of "permanente" , Mexican Spanish for washboard.

Made it to Why last evening about 5 or so and had a nice grilled chicken and sweet potato with a zuchinni/mushroom/onion side,  dinner cooked by Steve and Sue, two very sweet and good friends...

Sue has even turned the bunk in her unoccupied class C motorhome...the "Guppy" over to me for the two nights we will stay and I slept like a baby.

Tonite a campfire and hotdogs cooked by the Two Amigos, Bri and Jon...

I will try to post a couple photos on here before Cyndi hollers about visuals again...sorry Cyndi, more to come as we get rolling and more focused on the trip.

Happy trails to you all,


  1. Sounds like a great start to your journey, Bri! Nothing like the combination of good friends and good food!

    I won't whine about the lack of visuals, today.

  2. Brian, hadn't checked in with you in a while. Glad you are doing well. Love the bike.


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